Elisabeth Mberg -Sharing my messages with the world, after a courageous battle with uterine Myoma-tumors By Gulia Lucci Elisabeth Mberg was born in Cameroon, where she also grew up. She came to Germany for her studies, became an engineer with a background in mechanical engineering and 10 years of experience within project management, operations management and supervision. Her journey to this career wasn’t straightforward, as she suffered from major health problems all along. She was diagnosed with severe uterine Myoma also commonly known as Fibroid at 20 years old in 2003. Fibroids are growths, firm tumors of the uterus containing smooth muscle cells and connective tissue in the womb. They can be the size of a lemon or even the size of a grapefruit. Heavy periods, large blood clots, period pain, pelvic mass pain, digestive issues, painful sex and anemia are the primary symptoms. The Fibroid disease is such a confusing and serious epidemic especially among black women. Myomas affect up to 80% of women by age 50 and typically African women earlier and more severely than others.  Before that, no one ever told her about this disease although many young women in Africa get their uterus removed because they get told that there is no cure. She spent years trying to find anything that helps her Fibroids. That is why she decides to carry out a fundraising project called (END)ofMYOMALife to raise more awareness, to offer more preventative education and keep away this disease for all the future generations. She wants to help young women especially in Africa to reach their goals tow [...]

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