By Eriona Xhaferaj I am Eriona Xhaferaj, and my expertise is in Skin Care. My background is in Pharmacy. Furthermore, I am an Organic Skincare Formulator for 6 years now, and recently a Holistic Nutritionist. Generally, when we talk about ways to glow the skin, first thing that may come to our mind is any cream with magic properties. However, I was lucky to touch everything related to skin care, from lab work to aesthetic processes, and lastly holistic approach. Today, I want to share the secret that I consider primal in leading every person to having a healthy and glowing skin. It is the self-love, and I highlight it as the unconditional one. Did you know that while you were only 5 days in your mum’s womb and not more that some millimetres in size, the nervous system and skin were attached to each other and coming from the exact same conformation? This process is called gastrulation and results in three layers. The ectoderm (outer layer) gives rise to both nervous and skin outer layer. That said, it is very important to understand from a micro-scale how the skin and nervous system has the same origin in the earliest embryo development. From a macro perspective, the skin is the largest organ and a sensory one, hence tightly connected with nervous system. Can you imagine that every single stimulus goes through skin receptors and affects the skin? If you are releasing and taking positive vibes, your skin will glow, and if you are taking the negative ones, the skin will end up dull. Saying that, we cannot change the heat of the fire in order to save our skin from burning, b [...]

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