Say YES to life! Exceed your limits in order to succeed By Fatima Gorezi Women consist of about half the world’s population and have an important place in economic and social development. They often face unpleasant problems, including discrimination in the labor market (although they are protected by various laws and conventions). Anne Kristine Aksnes is aNorwegian teacher, writer, coach and public speaker. She is also a loving mother of three, a leader and a role model who walks her talk. Her passion is to help others to create the life they love, and she is committed to help them achieve their goals by giving them the tools needed to transform their lives. Anne has been working with children and parents for over 20 years, devoting her life to improvement of children’s and parents’ lives across the world. She is an avid learner, having taken several courses over the years, both on parenting styles, communication, leadership and how to treat children dealing with trauma. She has also studied psychology, developing particular interest in neuroplasticity and body – mind connection. Tell us about your early life and the journey that influenced you to become the person you are today? I grew up in a small village in the west of Norway. I would say that I had a rougher childhood than most kids, as I experienced sexual abuse, violence, bullying, loneliness and anxiety from a young age. Among the biggest difficulties I had was dealing with my mum’s mental illness, depression and suicide attempts. An amazing mum when she is well – and I really love her – bu [...]

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