Savvy Females, Sandra & Tove   Allow  your female brilliance to shine   By Fati Gorezi Tove Lovisa Bergkvist and Sandra Faas are two independent women from two different countries that have a lot in common. They are also friends and partners in business. “Savvy Females”, their Company represents a new era for women to rise and allow their brilliance to shine across the globe. ‘Savvy Females’is a Company that has been set up to support women and to take them on a wonderful journey to intuitively reach their goals and manifest the life they deserve. Their stories serve to demonstrate the values they share that contribute to a better world. What was the main reason that you decided to start a business together? Sandra:It felt truly fulfilling and just right. Right in terms of the timing, the people, the energy and the intention. That was the momentum and for me, there was no reason to ask, “But what if?”Tove and I have all the parallels flowing, big female visions, trust, intensions, experiences, messages and intuition. We are both experienced in partnerships and businesses, in success and learning, falling and growing. So why not put that into a perfect fusion to win on energy and grow together? We both love to support others to succeed, to visualise, to live our female facets, to learn. So again, why not together? We also truly believe in something that is bigger than we can see with the eyes but feeling and knowing that it is already here around and in us. So, there was just that honesty that said to us, “Of course, why not?” And we [...]

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