Sandra Wigren:  Be Positive, You Are Unique In Your Own Way By Fati Gorezi Sandra Wigren is a professional clown and fire performer who used to work as a TV presenter. Then a huge natural catastrophe came her way and swept her old life way. Not only did she survive the Tsunami in Khao Lak Thailand 2004, but the Tsunami that hit her life after that is the storyof her true survival. After five years of struggle and emigration from Sweden – and the pain of leaving her 5 year old son behind, Sandra returned and slowly started to build herself up again from scratch. This was when her company ‘SoulFitness’ was born. Today her Company is well established and her public speaking tour- ’From Pain to Power’ is taking place worldwide. What do you love about the art of public speaking? That it is so alive and naked! That You have the possibility to reach out and make a change. Also it is the oldest way of communicating. It is the most sincere way to do it. No editing. No chance to change it in that live moment. What you deliver, you deliver. And the connection with the audience is there and then. What do you want your audience to remember from your presentation? I want them to waken their own power and to feel empowered. To dare to take off all masks and to be naked. I want them to be inspired and to find their own strength by giving them some tools to turn their deepest pain into their power. Also, I want people to see that there are ‘other ways’. Too many people go through life not really ‘living.’ Doing just what others and society expects from them. We are h [...]

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