Sandra Bonestroo  “With a positive mind-set miracles will happen” By Fati Gorezi Sandra Bonestroo is an inspirational motivator, spiritual rebel and international Speaker based in Holland. Through her company “SB Consaletancy”, she is in close contact with CEO’s, managers and employees whom she energises and motivates. She believes we need more women at CEO positions, more empathy, coaching spirit and meaningful leadership. She guides people to experience what they will achieve when forgiveness, surrender and faith are part of their daily life. What does being a business owner mean to you? And why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place? For me, being a business owner, it means freedom and staying true to myself. Listening to my feelings, following my heart and doing what I like most. Trying to have no fear, just ‘doing it’ with the attitude of ‘no guts, no glory’. After having had two successful family businesses, one being market leader in the Netherlands and the other having a market leading position in Europe, I decided for personal reasons to work again for an employer. But after having worked for different employers I found out my vision, my energy and my passion was different compared to other employees. I noticed that colleagues couldn’t keep up with me and my managers felt criticised and became uncertain, or even felt threatened, by such drive and energy. From that moment on I decided to make these skills my power and started my own business “SB Consaletancy”. How did you come across your idea? I noticed around me that so many [...]

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