by Global Woman Rebeca Riofrio is the director and chairman for the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion & Sports and her work is touching people around the globe. She is a huge campaigner against modern human slavery, modern human trafficking, global warming and sustainability. Rebeca’s work also includes preparation of events at the Houses of Parliament, joined by members of the UK government and international and national celebrities. Photo by Paul Capelli Last October, Rebeca received a phone call from the Prince of Poland, Janek Zylinski, inviting her to organise an exclusive fashion show for His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent in celebration of his 84th Birthday. Photo by Paul Capelli The show was prepared by the famous designer Malan Breton and was an important focus of attention for people attending the event. The exquisite models made a great impression on the audience. Photo by Paul Capelli Rebeca says, “It was a great honour to organise a show for the Royal Family in the UK. I was immensely moved by their sensitivity to arts and fashion”. Rebeca delightfully shared that the feedback she received from over 40 members of the Royal Family, with regards to the fashion showcase and her guest designer Malan Breton were outstanding. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent had commented that it was worth it to wait 84 years to see his first fashion show, and also said it was a truly remarkable collection, Rebeca mentions with pride. Photo by Paul Capelli Rebeca has received several awards throughout her career, and has recently also acquired the prestigiou [...]

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