Question your “status quo” and take responsibility of your own life Irina Richardson is a business owner, property investor, also boasting past involvements in FTSE 100 companies as Finance Senior Manager. She is Russian by origin, but Irina moved to England in her early twenties and that’s when her dream started to materialise. Providing Finance Consultancy in Companies across various sectors – mail order, supermarkets, ECommerce, manufacturing, high street retail – allowed Irina to acquire diversified knowledge across those sectors & given her ability to identify the opportunities available to improve Business Profitability & Customer satisfaction at the same time. She is a true believer in continuous growth & personal development. Personal development opened new opportunities for Irina and allowed her to slow down and enjoy the present more, to be happier within. Her goal is to help other women have courage & to “wake up”. According to her, we ought to stop living in the past, in the comfort zone or running ahead all the time & rushing into the future. Instead, she offers to help find the true passion & enjoy the process of living in the present moment, whilst still pursuing goals & dreams. Today you are such successful and inspiring woman, how do you remember the beginning of your career? Being inquisitive, determined and outgoing, I’ve always visualised living abroad, as I developed love for languages and new cultures. The “Universal Law of Attraction” presented itself as I moved to the UK and started living my dr [...]

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