Jana Miteva –Put your heart into it to succeed  By Ellen Smith In her career, Jana Miteva gained experience at the big four financial auditors, public affairs in Brussels, and creating an NGO and a consulting company in the project engineering field. Then she went into the chemical industry as a Business Development Manager. In 2018, Jana created her online business, to help overwhelmed business owners, managers and employees find the meaning in what they do by getting back on the right track with technical, psychological and emotional solutions. She’s a coach, trainer and business consultant at “Easy Busy Management”. Contributing positively to the growth of her customers, brings her the greatest joy and happiness How would you sum up yourself? In my life, I have gone through many difficult situations and obstacles which made has made me a strong and persistent character, acting as a solution provider for any problem. If there is a problem, there has to be a solution. If there is no solution, then there is no problem and we have to let it go. Who has been the biggest influence on you? Brendon Burchard, an author, coach, trainer and influential leader had a very big influence on my personal growth. He taught me about clarity, as in how to be clearer about myself, my thoughts and my dreams. I learned how to be more energized and more productive. Through his coaching, I learned about the Psychology and Physiology Mastery. And finally, with his teaching, I found my life purpose, which is to be present, positive and enthusiastic each day. Also, to enjoy the gifts [...]

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