Professional Women’s Business Network

At Global Woman Magazine we primarily have four platforms, including Global Woman Magazine, The Business Woman Today, Global Woman Club and Global Woman events.This is the UK’s largest Professional Women’s Network that helps women to develop their belief and confidence that they can be positive in whatever their profession. We assist them build their brand reputation and make awareness concerning their plans through our network platform. The aim is to assist women in business professionals worldwide no matters about what different cultures and background they belong because every woman has theirs own paradigm just needs to explore at the right time and right place to succeed in business or our chosen vocation. This is the combination of all these magical ingredients that sprinkle a glowing sense of empowerment and happiness. United we are stronger and ready to face any challenges we are experiencing or may meet.

Here you will see many successful women entrepreneurs stories they shared with us who have built multi-million pound businesses and we have proud that they are part of our professional women’s business network and they are very devoted to support women for starting and growing their business positively. Join Global Woman creative platform where many Female Entrepreneurs come to share their experiences, knowledge and concepts about what to do and how to avoid common and major mistakes in business. You will learn how to grow your business, build your brand, create your marketing campaign, protect your copyright, extend the network, build a global platform, find the right business partners, raise funds and have a sustainable business.

Some Words:-

Ariyana AS motherAriyana is a caring mother, author, consultant, speaker and success women. Being a mother managing a business wasn’t difficult for me. I am very ambitious and ever dreamed about to become successful businesswomen who would love to travel worldwide, at the age of 20 a friend of my boyfriend asked to start furniture importing from Indonesia. ..Read more


Nika JazaeeNika Jazaee is award winning businesswomen and positive politician with having nine own operated business and brands in Netherlands as well in other countries. She loves pressures of competition and challenges in her profession. Grew-up in Zeeland, beside the see a countryside area in south west of the Netherlands, to go high school every day I had to bike for two hours I self developed many skills of life as hence I am always exited to know about the things I don’t know yet to describe who I was then and who I am today  …Read more