Petra Herz  ‘50+ Year Old Women Should Have the Courage to Start a Business’ By Fati Gorezi  Petra Herz is an Architect and a Holistic Mentor. She supports people in getting out of deadlocked situations to playfully celebrate new achievements. She says that nothing is impossible, and everyone need to unlock the potential that have inside. She now shares with us her experience in entrepreneurship and tips on how you can achieve balance in all areas of your life as the basis for your next level of success. What experiences have influenced who you are today? I am an Architect and since 1990 I have had the pleasure of working in different areas which fascinate me – especially special builds that deal with the fourth dimension. Rooms that can heal like churches or kindergartens are important and of course various projects such as hotels – which are all areas of ​​specialisation for me. I also get involved in project development around cities and bringing people into a healing and loving environment. In 2015 I was given an award by ‘Sunrise’ for being one of the best Project Developers in Europe. I was very happy about this award. But this year I got a message that I had a serious illness – just when I am at the top of my career! It made me realise that without health you can’t always be so successful but it’s a lot to do with how you feel. When I started to connect myself deeply with my inner essence I started to heal – and I have followed my inner calling to do exactly what is important for me and for my soul. Today I help other women to [...]

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