One Year anniversary of empowering women globally Global Woman Club Stockholm & Amsterdam By Fati Gorezi In a world that is dominated by men, it’s time to introduce a new era and a new paradigm, which brings women to a higher level of consciousness. That’s why ‘Global Woman’ has creating a global platform for women to connect, share and inspire many other women all around the world. This year we celebrated the first anniversary of our two clubs – Global Woman Club Stockholm in 15 September and Global Woman Club Amsterdam in 30 September. To celebrate their success, these clubs launched two books whose writers were extraordinary women who shared their life story. They shared how they got to where they are today, how they are changing other people’s lives for the better and their visions for the future. Many women came from different countries like the UK, USA, Italy, Belgium , Germany etc to celebrate the 1 anniversary of Global Woman Stockholm and to be part of the Business Forum Stockholm hosted by Global Woman Stockholm. The director of the club in Stockholm, Ellen Bjerkehag, was very happy to witness the enthusiasm among women. The atmosphere was amazing and it goes beyond words to describe the great energy in the room! Being a successful global woman is about being yourself and offering the world your special gifts in your own way and understanding the value of what you are providing. In one year Global Woman Club Stockholm has grown immensely and continues to grow due to new memberships. There is something magic in ‘Global Woman‘ and in our m [...]

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