Anna Christina My gift as a musician and composer is to entertain and do good By Nika Jazaee  Anna-Christina is the author, narrator and creator of Music Audio Stories and the singer/songwriter/guitarist of London based Rock band Lilygun. She is also a film, TV and media composer. Anna-Christina began playing the piano and cello aged 12 and wrote her first full orchestral piece when she was 14. She also has a fascinating personal story to tell after her life almost came to an end when she suddenly suffered from a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. An event that would change her forever but didn’t stop her from pursuing the one thing that kept her spirit alive in the hard months of illness – Music. You were a dancer but then focused on music, why did you choose music? When I was 11 years old I attended a prestigious ballet boarding school. It was a tough competitive life and I found the girls in my class to be very nasty. Unlike other kids at school, there was no getting away from them! One day, I ran off to hide in one of the music cells. The room was small with a window and a piano. I grew bored just sitting there and so I began to play the piano. I stayed alone in that music cell for years to come, playing and playing which turned into composing. I could hear the full orchestra in the pieces I was writing but of course it was all just in my head! I also began writing songs because I felt frustrated with the situation. I landed my first professional job dancing in Austria and you would have thought after all the years of training I would have been happy! At first I w [...]

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