Mrs India’s world 2018 My vision to empower women and girls in my country  By Fati Gorezi Monika Sabarwal is a Software Engineer, Network Marketer and a new entrepreneur based in India. She won the title of ‘First runner up’ for ‘Mrs India Worldwide 2018’ and also bagged the title of ‘Mrs Entrepreneur Worldwide 2018’ from “Jeunesse Global” from Bangkok, Thailand. Her vision is to contribute to women’s empowerment and to give them a voice and support to live the live they deserve. She dreams of being an example and inspiration for all married women in this world and wants to give them the message that they can live the life they have dreamed for to the fullest. How do you remember your childhood and early life? Playing with the smallest of the things was big in childhood. Playing with dolls, roaming around without logic, singing and dancing without any method and waiting for one Rupee pocket money every day was the most important thing of the day. After losing my father at the age of ten I remember my childhood going through a lot of tough situations, but I always kept myself happy in my small world because my mother had to sacrifice a lot for her kids as a single parent. Who has been the greatest influence on your life? My husband has been the most influential person in my life. He has taught me to be carefree, to love life, to be calm in tough situations and to live life each and every moment. Being my husband, he always wanted me to be self-dependant so that I can take decisions on my own and live my life in my own way – as every w [...]

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