Monique Dekker Successful leadership starts from within By Fati Gorezi Monique Dekker is a Speaker, Coach and Trainer in self-leadership and visibility. After a successful 20 year career as a manager within different financial departments her life drastically changed overnight. At the age of 42 she had a stroke and was left half-paralyzed. Her life as she knew it was over. While recovering for 18 months, she promised herself two things – 1. Never again would she do something that didn’t make her happy and 2. It wasn’t going to be over until she said so. According to Monique the stroke along with the full recovery, was a huge gamechanger. It led her to change her perspective on who was really in charge of the way her life went. She allowed herself to step up and use the skills and talents that she had been using for over 20 years without realising the impact she had already made to so many lives. How do you remember the beginning of your career? I remember being 24 years old and applying for a position as a Financial Adminitrative employee. At the end of the interview the Head of the Finance department asked me why I had applied for that position. Although I had more experience than asked for, he did not seem too convinced that they should hire me. I went home and was convinced that I had not got the job. That evening he called telling me that they had decided to offer me a Managers position in the Finance department and the salary was almost twice what I was earning the time. From that moment on I never applied again for a Managers position for I was always offer [...]

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