MIRELA SULA RECEIVES  ‘’ORBIS AWARD’’ IN LOS ANGELES  By Fati Gorezi Mirela Sula received another prestigious award on 26th April 2018 in Los Angeles. At an event organised by the Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala, she received the Orbis Award, an award that recognises the contribution of Mirela and the Global Woman platform around the world, for empowering women and strengthening their social and cultural position in society. The Diversi-Tea Gala Committee evaluated the Global Woman Platform as a movement that has brought change to the lives of many thousands of women in a growing number of countries. This high-profile award is named in honour of a global maverick, historian, and world traveller, who explored every corner of planet earth during his lifetime.  His life inspired many people to take an interest in world cultures, geographic history and foreign languages. His passion was simply “people”, who lived in foreign lands, and he embraced the importance of humanity.  As Global Woman initiatives are connecting women across the globe, the founder and ambassador, April Sutton, personally selected Mirela to receive this prestigious honour. The Board of Directors also hailed Global Woman as a platform that brings together women (and supportive men)  from around the world, who cooperate, learn, and share their socio-cultural contributions to make the world and society a better place to live. The mission of Global Woman is to inspire and motivate as many women and young people as possible and make them feel empowered to start and grow their business, an [...]

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