Mindfulness and Living With Purpose By Ellen Smith Donika Gunther is a life coach based in USA. She helps women to step out of their comfort zones, to achieve their desires, and create their realities with their thoughts, beliefs and actions. Her vision is to help women create a balance and the perfect harmony between their body, mind and soul. She believes that for every woman it is very important to have the right tools to connect the missing pieces of their puzzle, and putting their skills into action in order to invest in a higher level of happiness, confidence and fulfilment with their thoughts, beliefs and actions. Donika, you have had an amazing personal journey that has molded you into the person you are today. Can you tell us more about that? I am grateful for every moment and every experience that life has given me, because today I embrace everything with gratitude, compassion and open arms. Nothing has come easily in my life; it has been a long journey to create, believe and have faith in everything that I created. And I will continue to learn and grow. I was born in Albania and I had a great life with my family and friends. I left Albania when I was 28 years old and moved to Anguilla, a British island to be with my sister Bobbi and her husband David. That is where I met my husband at the time and got married, eventually blessed with my daughter Kristina. After a few years, we moved back to the USA where I currently live, working as a teacher up to this day. But I know that there was more that I wanted to reach in life, besides being a teacher, a mother, a siblin [...]

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