Mary Buffett Love yourself and do what you love `By Trevor Clarke Mary Buffett is a former daughter-in-law of the renowned billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Mary started her early career in the music business, where she met her former husband, Peter. Today she travels around the globe as a keynote speaker and sharing the stage with the biggest names, offering her advice and wisdom on investing, and women’s issues. Mary rarely gives interviews and we are privileged that she has chosen to share a little of her story and nuggets of wisdom for the readers of Global Woman magazine.  Can you tell us about your childhood memories and growing up? I grew up in a typical large Italian family in Chicago Illinois. My mother was always interested in business and investing. She was an excellent role model that promoted the fact that women could do anything. I had a very happy childhood there. Then I moved to Beverly Hills, California, where my sister Laura, who was a few years older, introduced me to the music business and all of the amazing and famous people I met because of her. You were married to Peter Buffett, youngest son of Warren Buffett, for 12 years. Please tell us about that period in your life. It was a wonderful period. I only knew that his father owned See’s Candy and Blue Chip Stamps. But having lived in Beverly Hills, most people’s fathers’ owned businesses. When I met Peter, he was a struggling musician, I had already had over ten years or more in the music business, as a songwriter, singer, producer, manager and eventually worked for Hugh Hefner’s Music P [...]

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