Penelope Wilson – Make your life count for something- Live your legacy  Penelope Wilson is currently working on an invention, a piece of exercise equipment that makes certain exercises easier and helps to prevent injury, with a vision for a clothing line and community around the brand. She has had it manufactured and is in the first stages of marketing and is exploring partner and licensing opportunities.  After graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design with a degree in Silversmithing and jewellery design, Penny started her first business in Hatton Garden. She was the only women in a male dominated profession at the time. She believes in never giving up, whatever the circumstances.   Your background is in art and design. What does your art work represent? Does your art work represent something about you? My art work gives me purpose and time for me. I love making and mending things, making them better. As a jeweller I would find it very satisfying taking something broken and mending it. I loved seeing people’s delight when it was like new again.  What inspires you? What connection do you have with your art? I think it comes from my time in nature as a child, planting things and getting my hands dirty. I grew up watching my father mend things. I helped him by passing him the tools – I love tools! I have always been a tactile person. If I go shopping, I have to touch everything – I can’t buy anything online!  I like making unhappy people feel happy, and my art allows me to do that. What does your art mean to you?  Freedo [...]

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