Maaike Driessen Laverman Manage Your Personal Energy To Improve The Quality Of Life By Fati Gorezi Maaike Driessen Laverman is a Trainer and Personal Coach. She is always motivated to see clients grow by the effects of her training and personal coaching. She teaches people how to change their energy into a new, positive vibe. Since 2009 she has managed a practice in which she helps people to release deep traumas and stress. Her dream and goal for the future is to help more people in corporate business by giving workshops and teaching them how they can use their own energy for the better.   Can you tell us the story of how you discovered your intuitive abilities? My Grandma always said to me, ‘Be quiet, listen to your heart and then you will know what to do’. Combining this with the fact that I have always trusted my gut feelings is a very strong combination. I remember a situation ten years ago where I met someone who gave me a very specific feeling. Back then I did not always trust my gut instinct and never did anything with it. But it turns out that ten years later my original gut feeling was right. This is just one example of many that I have to trust myself – and my gut feelings – since they are almost always correct. On the list of your professional offerings I saw that you do coaching for entrepreneurs. Is this in some way connected to your other abilities? For my coaching I use all the abilities I have, and everything I ever have learned, including teaching people the techniques of the ‘Touch 4 health’, kinesiology, ‘Leap’ and wellness coac [...]

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