Luann Ip My powerful belief system can determine my outcome By Nika Jazaee Luann Ip is the woman behind Dutch Business Incorporation. Her company helps foreign companies set up their business in the Netherlands. They will have their own business in their own countries, and they want to come to the Netherlands to expand their business or enter into other European countries via the Netherlands.  Luann was born and raised in Hong Kong to a family that couldn’t afford to live in an apartment so they lived in a hut located on top of a mountain. She had big dreams of studying abroad and when she turned 19 a turning point hit her life and Luann got the opportunity to move to London. This was a big change that set her on the path to running two businesses. You come from a poor background and grew up on a mountain in Hong Kong, yet it didn’t stop you from dreaming of studying abroad. Can you tell us more about why you wanted to move from Hong Kong, and how you got the opportunity to move to London when you were 19? Moving from Hong Kong and studying abroad had always been my dream ever since I could remember. I guess it must have been because of my poor childhood living in a self-made hut on top of a mountain in Hong Kong Island, My parents worked very hard every day as construction workers, struggling to make ends meet. My sisters and brother always reminded me how lucky I was that I have never experienced hunger in my life. This must have been my main motivational force which is embedded in my DNA. I did not want to be decided by the [...]

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