Living the proof that nothing is impossible   An internationalisation specialist of the highest regard. Leveraging relationships from a career as a former diplomat, with the insight and global experience to approach international markets from a strong, informed position. Rie Hamaguchi is a business consultant, property developer, property investitor and international speaker. She travels the world and use her blend of expertise and experience for any organisation wishing to establish themselves in broader geographical areas. How have your experience influenced your development and today’s success?     Before marriage, I was a successful international diplomat, working for the Japanese government aspiring for an ambassadorial position, later on to be a future Parliament MP – highest social status which is very rare for a girl from a poor background like me. What an amazing, gorgeous, privileged lifestyle I had. Yet I was terribly lonely: no family to share such a fantastic life experience with. In order to create my own family I resigned my diplomatic job and got married with an European man in London, wishing to live happily ever after. On the wedding day I felt I was the happiest woman in the world! However, happiness did not last. He was telling me every morning and evening: “You are useless, no business brain, no man wants to live with you. I am the saviour… only man who can handle you rich b****!” I said “Yes darling, you are right, I am useless… don’t know how to make money as I was not in business sector. I was always given big mon [...]

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