Oksana Kolesnikova Her Love affair with music made her the CEO of three companies By Eva Simo Oksana Kolesnikova is an inspirational example of living the The American Dream. She is an elegant Russian-born American pianist and composer, who transformed herself from a talented music student arriving into the U.S. into a renowned performer, educator, innovative franchise developer. Oksana is now the CEO of three companies including Oksana® Management Group, Inc and she is serving students and schools with her vision of a range of everything from languages and music, to academic tutoring. In Fall of 2019 Oksana launched her Oksana® Enrichment Programs, and educational platform, that is paying forward business opportunities for others to reach their own American Dream. With these programmes Oksana has successfully combined team-building, mentoring, collaborative relationships, and digital resources into an innovative business model. How would you describe your passion for music, and how did you start your path to your entrepreneurship journey? Being classically trained, classical music is my first love and remains a focal element at the core of my soul. Indeed, it was in my early childhood that I discovered the joy and love for music, and everything I have achieved since in my professional career has been born of this primary passion. Still, having to face the real world following my schooling, I quickly realized that there was more of an interest in rock and pop music than a demand for classical, forcing me to switch gears and adapt to the times. To this end, I dove head- [...]

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