Lindsay Adamson  The ‘Badass’ Business Woman! By Fati Gorezi Lindsay Adamson is an International Speaker, Writer, Consultant, ‘Badass’ Business woman and ‘Totally Glam’ success Coach who is completely dedicated to helping you live your very best life.  Speaking on stages across the globe has taught her a valuable lesson, that connection always trumps perfection. She loves to help her clients develop their authentic brands, that are completely unique to them and their message. Lindsay is the CEO and Founder of “The Hungry Lioness”.   We know you are such a successful woman right now. Could you please tell us a bit about you and how you started speaking on stages across the globe? I grew up being really shy, but I’ve always been very determined to push myself past my comfort levels and continuously develop myself.  When I was at university I took on a summer job in door to door sales. I wanted to train myself to become an outgoing person who was comfortable constantly meeting new people.  When I started my sales job, it was the most challenging experience of my life. Knocking on doors in all weather conditions, talking to hundreds of new people per day and fighting to constantly stay motivated.  I ended up getting very good, very fast, as my hunger and determination grew. From the first month on the job my boss had me speaking in rooms of 50-200 people every single morning, training the teams on how to find success.  When I graduated from university I was promoted to become the ‘National Sales Director’ of the Company which had me coaching [...]

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