Khady Gaye Learn, unlearn and relearn as change is the permanent factor By Emily Scott  Born and raised in Ghent, Khady Gaye is passionate about people, she is highly engaged in D&I activities for the Business Resource Groups, uImpact and Equal, focusing on empowering women and fostering inclusive workplace for LGBT Community. She held various positions in different companies and is currently acting as Manager HR International –Benelux France at United Airlines. While based in Belgium, she is a globe-trotter. Advocating for inclusion is vital to her. She gets her energy in connecting with people. Your journey is inspiring to women all around the world. How do you remember the beginning? From my childhood, I quickly learned how to show interest in people, to interact with them, and how to deal with “the otherness” effect. Born in a city that was not very multicultural at that time, I learned to be open-minded, develop that curiosity for others, be inclusive and not to allow excluding or be excluded. While I was always trying to fit within the group or environment I grew up – one thing I knew is that getting my educational degree would be key to my hopefully successful journey.I wanted to become an independent, respected woman. I also wanted my father to be proud of me, as he was a self-made man and didn’t get the chance or even allowed to go to school. Being a first-generation immigrant and the eldest of 5, I was a natural achiever and role model for my brothers and sisters. At least I tend to believe I was. What are the challenges you have faced throughout [...]

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