Layla Love- My Art of Living   By Fati Gorezi Layla Love is an accomplished international artist who is using her success to support programs that confront human trafficking around the world. She has personally emancipated women in conflict zones from prostitution, slavery, and other forms of human trafficking. Then, years ago, and together with Gloria Steinem, Layla conceptualised her non-profit organisation “Rise of the Butterfly” that is now in operation with funds recently distributed to the organisation “Voices4Freedom”. The goal of ‘Rise of the Butterfly’ is to connect the resources from the ‘Fine Art’ world with those who would otherwise never have access to such resources. Destination programs are vetted by Gloria, and Layla uses her platform to support all movements that promote equality and freedom, including yours! Her current publication, the “She of God”,  will be published with ‘Waterside Publications’ in 2018 at the launch of her show (called “Rise,” premiering in New York’s Chelsea Art District on May 17th). The show will also be the launch of  her non-profit, ‘Rise of the Butterfly’, conceived with Gloria Steinem in her living room.  Tell us about your career in  photojournalism My career in photojournalism began when I was 21 years old with my first assignment to West Africa, where I worked in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Chad. I was photographing a group of women who self-mutilated in order to not be trafficked. I photographed women who blinded themselves and their daughters- girls as young as three years old & [...]

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