Lauren Kay-Lambert – Women need to be united by praising each other’s efforts By Gulia Lucci  Lauren Kay-Lambert is ‘Head of Campaigns’ at “Shape History”, a social change agency. They work exclusively with good causes and many of these are important and sensitive for UK society. She has always taken a strong interest in non-profit work; through fundraising, campaigning and organising large-scale events for charities. Graduating university with a degree in ‘Politics and Sociology’ she has travelled the world, learning a great deal about herself and other people and cultures. She writes a personal blog about gender issues, as well as for the ‘Huffington Post’. Lauren has also been involved with student, national and local politics, running as a Councillor herself, as well as campaigning for other candidates to create change, and is particularly passionate about women in business. What is your background and how would you describe your early life? I grew up in West London and had a fortunate upbringing, with my sister, English father and American mother (to be clear, she’s a Democrat). I went to an all-girls school, which was important for me as a shy kid. I think I was able to find my voice faster than if I had gone to a mixed school. I threw myself at everything whilst there (mainly my studies, sport and drama) and then again when I was studying ‘Politics and Sociology’ at university. The only challenge that often held me back was my dyspraxia which, after a lot of extra tutoring, I think taught me to overcome difficulties and made me the per [...]

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