Kim Kiyosaki & Rich Woman The story of self made millionaires  By Fatima Gorezi Kim Kiyosaki, Lisa Lannon, Ronda Jaggers and Ceil Stanford are the 4 famous women behind Rich Woman. Over the years, they have built and promoted a unique platform that empowers women around the world to learn more and invest in financial education. They are four self-made millionaires who successfully use cashflow to make increasingly profitable investments. They travel all around the world and provide sincere insights on the empowering world of social entrepreneurship, business management, leadership and more. In this exclusive interview for Global Woman Magazine, they share with us their secrets to help women like yourself become financially independent and build their confidence, because there is more to life than money and finance! It’s about giving back. Living in freedom. Doing what you love. Loving what you do.  Who says that you can’t combine your passion and livelihood to become a Wonder Woman yourself?   Kim Kiyosaki Kim Kiyosaki is a young woman who got fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship, ventured in to it and made it big. Her husband Robert Kiyosaki is renown all around the world. She started her career as an employee of a business magazine in Honolulu, Hawaii. It gave her the chance to get used to the ideas of business ownership, investments and being your own boss. Her bio is an inspiration to women all around the world. It definitely motivates them to seek financial freedom and independence.  How do you define success, and what have been your secrets [...]

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