“A girl needs to keep some mystery! I am grateful for my name; I believe it has strongly influenced who I became.” By Kicki Pallin She has moved 22 times, lived all over the world, and says that people are her anchors and home is where her heart is. The Communication Specialist Julie Kennedy has most of her life had a desire for independence and a strong belief in women empowerment. She has a background in German, Spanish and Business Studies, and the path of writing has chosen her and not the other way around. Julie believes that the current world crisis has taught us that we are more alike than different, and hope we will not forget in the future what we discovered. How this different kind of challenge brought us closer and made us feel, so we can cherish and continue building on humanistic values.   Could you please share some of the most vivid memories from your upbringing that has shaped you as a human being? My upbringing was under the sign of change from a young age. My Parents had me young whilst at University, and I had moved thirteen times around Great Britain by the age of seven when we moved to France. I remember arriving at our new home one-hour South of Paris and three days later, starting French school without having till then heard a word of French. I felt different in a special sort of way, which set the tone. Though I was shy I have been driven, since as far as I can remember to support others and contribute, always taking on voluntary roles at school and then in other environments. Though very loving, in my eyes my Father called the shots, and [...]

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