Josefin Lassbo “Feminine leadership is necessary for our future” By Fati Gorezi Josefin Lassbo is a ‘Personal Leadership and Change Management’ thought leader, uniquely combining design thinking with a natural holistic mindset. Starting her career in the early ‘Eco Fashion’ movement, Josefin won the award of ‘Business Rookie of the Year’ at the ‘Business Region Gothenburg’ event in Sweden. She is a courageous entrepreneur who wants nothing less than to change the world. She has founded five value-based Companies. How did you first get into the business you are working in today? What inspires you every day? The business I work in today, being a ‘Leadership Coach’ and a ‘Change Catalyst’ for professional women has grown into clarity during quite a long transition from my first career as a fashion designer. Still, it is the same core of professional themes that I have been investigating from many different angles; the creative process, sustainability and personal leadership. It´s the holistic ‘inside-out’ perspective that fascinates me; how to birth something new and unseen into the world through the creative process and firmly rooted in an absolutely unique and deeply personal frequency – the voice of the heart. That perspective is what bridges designing eco-fashion (clothing that are not only a beautiful surface, but also carrying a beautiful inner value of quality and ethics) with designing a complete system to guide women on the journey towards their life purpose and to get what they dream of in life and in their profession. That ins [...]

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