It’s other women who are guilty of standing in the way of women By Julia Barry Hundreds of business women and female entrepreneurs have responded to survey carried out by Global Woman, a highly successful support network for female entrepreneurs, to mark its 4th Annual Summit in London.  The survey combines a mix of serious revelations about inter-female competitiveness, and fun facts about the most popular clothes and make-up for business success.   Find the details of the results featured in the release.  The full survey results are also available.  HEELS SEAL THE DEAL Press release embargoed until 0001 BST  THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS ARE REVEALED IN A UNIQUE SURVEY OF HUNDREDS OF FEMALE BUSINESS BOSSES  FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS SAY IT’S OTHER WOMEN WHO ARE GUILTY OF STANDING IN THEIR WAY  A SHOCKING 78% SAY WOMEN PUT UP BARRIERS TO OTHER WOMEN  MOST THINK THEIR PARTNERS AND FAMILIES DON’T GIVE THEM ENOUGH SUPPORT  ACHIEVEMENT IS NAMED THE TOP DRIVING FORCE – WEALTH COMES BOTTOM – RANKED BELOW FAMILY SECURITY AND SELF ESTEEM  AND WHY HEELS ARE DE RIGOUR, BRIGHT PINK LIPSTICK IS A NO GO, AND THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS COMES OUT ON TOP WHEN ITS COMES TO THE LOOK MOST LIKELY TO SEAL THE DEAL  A survey of hundreds of female business women and entrepreneurs has thrown up some surprising findings – chief among them that other women are seen as a barrier to success. The questionnaire was distributed to members of Global Woman Club, a support network for female business owners.  Three hundred and thirty two women running their own companies [...]

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