International Women’s Month – Global Woman speaks Albanian   By Fatima Gorezi  Friday 8th March is the focal point in the movement for women’s rights.  At different times in the world it has been characterised by different phraseologies such as “Mother’s Day”, “Women’s Day”, and so on. But its core is still unchanged: the symbol of humanism and empowerment it carries. It is phraseology that implies the source of life, the continuity, the sweetness of feelings and of the soul; the best, most humane creature, which arises and increases life…WOMAN. We celebrate the amazing social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women – while also the struggle for greater progress towards gender equality continue. The framework of this day so important not only for women, but also for society, and with the invitation of the Albanian Embassy in London, our founder, some of the directors and representatives of Global Woman became part of a very interesting project aimed at the promotion of the best values ​​of Albanian women. The founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula (who is Albanian) and all the women from Global Woman were received in the quarters of the embassy, enjoyed Albanian breakfast and later did photo-shooting as well as filming, to give messages in the Albanian language in this important day for women worldwide. The ceremony and this project were not only in honour of the figure of Albanian women, but also of the Albanian identity, highlighting the best spiritual and cultural values ​​o [...]

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