You Inspire Me – Can I Copy You? By Lidija M Rosati  C O P Y: Oh sweetie, I am so inspired by your work! And I love how you do X. I’d love to do the same… Oh, would you mind if I…? So beautiful to serve as an inspiration to others. I love it when I see people who are genuinely inspired by other people’s work, go out there and do epic stuff. Brilliant! As, in my opinion, to inspire is a victory! However, there is a different kind of inspiration I’d like to talk about here…And you’ll see why. You see, I take great pleasure in observing how some people mistake my graceful quiet presence for stupidity. And while they are, on the surface doing the only thing that they know, applying the only strategy they’ve been using since forever, I am taking notes. And notes I took…enough for a lengthy novel! 🙂 Quiet doesn’t mean unaware. Graceful doesn’t mean weak. These two qualities are the ones that are the key pillars for creating a long-term sustainable strategy that works. When you are quietly observing, you go within and without. You become discerning, you have a clear vision of how things are, what is and what isn’t. You have a great ability to detach and just observe. The same with grace. Grace is one of those divine qualities that allow you to stay in your integrity. That helps you draw on your inner wisdom, resources, gifts. And it is precisely these two qualities that I’ve been cultivating for a better part of my life. Why? Because I choose to live in the freedom of being me. Because I believe integrity and authenticity, suppo [...]

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  1. Thanks for providing this empowering advice!

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    Best Regards,
    Mahasin Muhammad