Ingela Fagerlund ”Taking action is crucial to achieve success” By Fati Gorezi Ingela Fagerlund is a CEO and well estalished Leadership Advisor and Executive Coach with over twenty years of experience. She has mentored and coached hundreds of people worldwide – including new entrepreneurs – to reach their highest potential. Ingela is the founder of ’Brilliant Leaders’ and is very passionate about helping managers and entrepreneurs to get the insights they need to become more secure in their leadership and to reach their goals . How did you first get into the business you are working in today? What inspires you every day? My very first job after university studies was as a Manager in a large multinational company in the south of Sweden. I was very happy about this huge opportunity and I launched myself into every new challenge without really having the tools or the support to do it. I never backed off or said ’no’ – I just went on forward. And that is pretty much the way I continued my career and my leadership development path for many years. Obstacles were there to overcome, no matter what. I took courses and classes in communication, effective leadership skills etc. But I never really had a Mentor or a boss that could give me the direction that I needed. That is why it took me quite a few years to discover that with the right mentoring and guidance I could do more in less time and without repeating the same mistakes over and over. And that feels so much better! With twenty years plus experience of leadership development and mentoring I stil [...]

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