In times of uncertainty people look to their leaders Ben Morton  As many workplaces begin to close due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many leaders and managers are starting to ask how they can best manage remote teams and home workers. The answer, in part, lies in the acronym DCCST or Does Corona Create Stronger Teams? Direction In times of uncertainty people look to their leaders and managers for direction. As our teams start to work from home, for the first time in some cases, and as the impact of COVID-19 changes day by day, we must provide direction in a number of key areas: Specific Priorities – in an ever-changing world, where should our teams be focusing their efforts day by day and week by week. Bigger Picture – in what direction is the organisation heading and how is it responding in terms of employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. Ways of Working – we must take the lead on establishing some team ground rules for home-working. For example, start and finish times, expected speed of response, daily check-ins, set periods to be off-line and working in a focused manner on key pieces of work, etc. Communication Simply put, communication must increase as our teams become remote. However, we must pay particular attention to choosing the right communication channels and ensuring that people have the same information, at the same time. Email is just one of many tools at our disposal, but an over-reliance on it will simply add to the stress and pressure felt by our colleagues and team mates. As well as increasing the frequency of our communication, we must also [...]

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