Improve Your Customer Service By Getting Feedback By Anna Gozi Hatice Nizam is a self-made entrepreneur who migrated at the age of 18 from Turkey to Germany, without knowing anyone except her twin sister, with whom she started from scratch and worked every single day from dusk until dawn. Her results of 25 years exceptional endurance? Successful implementation and leadership of 4 unique hair salons in Germany’s biggest cities. She empowers more than 60 employees day by day and trained over 100 apprentices. She has become the face for Hair & Beauty. Despite the fact that she has naturally dark hair, she is Germany’s color expert for blond. It is her generosity, her pure love and passion that made this vision come true. Her 15-year old adopted son from Turkey is her biggest love in her life and the source of her energy. Hatice lives by the motto “Everything is possible if you work hard for it.” You immigrated to Germany when you were 16, without knowledge of the language, without friends or anything familiar. How has this experience influenced your development and today’s success?     Immigrating to a foreign country is never going to be easy. The biggest problem I faced was the language barrier and culture differences. My twin sister immigrated two years earlier than I did, and so when I arrived, she already knew the language and had made friends. At the time, I couldn’t speak any German, which made it extremely difficult to build relationships with my classmates, leaving me feeling isolated and left out. I decided I needed to change this, and so I gave m [...]

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