Arjodita Mustali –Reward innovation and celebrate success By Fatima Gorezi  Arjodita Mustali was born and raised in a small town in northern Albania, called Shkoder. She started to work in a local factory at a very young age to pay for school herself. Arjodita is an expert in personal development and is committed to bringing those skills and experience to a global audience. She is a qualified trainer to mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds; from students to super achievers and successful businesspersons. Can you tell us more about your early life and your first steps in business? I was working for an international company in Albania and I feel grateful for the opportunity because they learned and developed the skills I have today. Five years ago I decided to launch my own company. Nobody ever said that starting a company would be easy! But if you have an idea that you just can’t wait to bring to life, take it from me, it’s one hundred percent worth it to turn that dream into a reality.  In a real sense, when you run your own business, you really come to know what you are made of. The kind of adversities that you face on a daily basis help you become more aware of you as a person, and also helps you grow phenomenally. When you start working for yourself, you have nobody to fall back on. You have no option but to work on your weaknesses in order to make your business grow. It, however, lasts only if there is enough passion and determination to succeed. As human beings, we are all self-centered to some extent. We are conditioned to believe that securin [...]

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