Alla Svirinskaya -If you do not own your energy – someone else will By Kicki Pallin She was brought up in the Soviet Union, during a time when it wasn’t allowed to practice healing openly. But that didn’t stop her mother from teaching her to understand her gift of healing. A gift that has been passed down from generation to generation. Alla Svirinskaya has been doing energy healing practise for over 20 years, and says it is vital for us humans to live in alignment with our Energy ID. As our energy field, or aura, is as unique as our fingerprints. Alla believes that in the future, the concept of ‘energy hygiene’ and taking care of our aura, will become as natural as brushing our teeth or taking a shower . Which experience or event ignited your own energy healing journey? I was born into a family where the gift of healing was passed through the maternal line. So, healing was a big part of my life since my childhood. I inherited an extrasensory ability in my hands, which allowed me to sense human aura and decode its vibrations. My mother, who is a practicing healer, taught me how to understand my gift, master it and use it to help others. In the Soviet Union, where I grew up, we were not allowed to practice healing openly, as the Communist party did not allow it. We were conditioned to believe that only communist doctrines can lead us towards the light. So, spiritual teachings were passed down quietly and healing practices were operating undercover. My mother would heal people in our flat, which worked to my advantage, so I came to observe the way she work [...]

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