Ichel Heerschop  “Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs”   By Fati Gorezi Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia is the founder of “Business Mom International”, a company based in Holland that teaches mothers how to pursue their passion and use their talents to grow and flourish in their business and personal lives. By empowering mothers to build their Companies and become confident leaders, Ichel aspires to help them create the lifestyle they want and deserve. They can leave a legacy for future generations. Can you tell more about ‘Business Mom International’? What is the mission? Nowadays we need more feminine energy in the world. We need mothers to stand up in their greatness. That’s why I founded ‘Business Mom International’. To help moms discover and use their talents. If they are already active as entrepreneurs, I help them remove blocks to enable them to flourish and scale up their businesses. I teach them how to take action, step by step, to structure their business, make smart decisions, and make more money. All while balancing their personal lifestyle. If moms live up to their ambition everywhere in the world, they will contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities. I am convinced that moms can be successful with their Company without sacrificing the well-being of their family. Can you walk me through your typical work day? I start the day with me-time, meditation and a prayer. Then I go for a short walk or to the gym. Me-time is very important for good health and spiritual balance. After that I take care of my family and prepare breakfast [...]

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