Nadine Hellmann I wanted to build a brand and provide solutions  By Lea Steuri Her mission is to offer a product that combines nutrition and convenience. Nadine Hellmann is the founder and CEO of Little Tummy, a company producing nutritious baby food and co-founder of the smoothie subscription service IAWE. After having studied at Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen, Germany), Tongji University (Shanghai, China) and Imperial College (London, UK), she set out to broaden her knowledge in marketing, branding and PR at two of Germany’s most renowned publishing houses. Nadine came to found Little Tummy in 2017 after realising the baby food offered on the shelves was heavily heat-treated and older than her Godson Hector. Little Tummy’s product puts nutrition and convenience first by making sure it can be delivered right to the front door and by only putting heathy stuff in there. Nadine managed to make Little Tummy an honest and authentic brand so parents can focus on what’s important in their life – their children. You have founded Little Tummy and co-founded IAWE. What has been your motivation in starting these businesses?  For both businesses, I have believed in bringing honest foods to the marketplace, those that make our busy lives easier. I believe offering a convenient, yet nutritious product can support people in being healthy – which is the basis of a long and happy life. With Little Tummy, I was pretty frustrated to see my best friend and mum of my godchild struggle to find any fresh, nutritious baby foods in the supermarkets. All products have been hea [...]

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