I have a good problem By Mirela Sula I remember when I came to London, less than 7 years ago and tried to find a place for myself where I felt I belong. This is what led me to visit different communities in my area and look for like-minded people. What I realised was that: “the point is not only to connect with people, but how to interest them in knowing us and how to keep them engaged”. So I found myself exploring this new world as a kid, with a lot of curiosity on how to play in this new reality, and find the right people to become part of my life. Very soon I learnt that the best way to create engagement when nobody knows you, and to build new relationships, is to create good content, to stimulate people’s interest in what you are doing and then they start following you.   At the beginning I found it very difficult to create content and got stuck with my limited belief. This is what I thought: – My English is not good enough – People may judge me because they may ask “Who you think you are” – I don’t think I have anything interesting to say – Everyone probably knows what I am going to say, why should they listen to me – I am nobody in this country, in this world – I don’t know where to start – I don’t know how to create content – Creating content may require a lot of time and money, I need to make a living first – Creating content is a luxury – I have other priorities for my job, business or career There were so many dilemmas on my mind. This is what I was thinking right now [...]

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