Fiona Harrold How I became the star in my field  By Mirela Sula When she left Northern Ireland at twenty and moved to London, Fiona Harrold had a strong sense that she could be anyone she wanted. Today, Fiona is the queen of coaching and not only became what she wanted to be but she also helps many people to be the best in their field. In this honest interview, Fiona has shared her amazing story, which shows how authentic a star like her can be. You help others to become stars in their field – who has helped you to become who you are today? My first mentor was in London in the late eighties and that led to the business I have today that lets me live and work all over the world.  At the time I was desperately seeking a new direction: I’d been a political activist through my early twenties, including campaigning at Greenham Common to stop nuclear weapons and got worn out with the battle! I knew I didn’t want a career just for the money: I wanted to do something that I truly cared about and to make a difference. I found a woman who called herself a ‘Self-esteem Consultant’ and her approach was dynamic and very different from the therapy I had tried. I had lost my enthusiasm and needed to find a way back to being optimistic again and her practical approach was perfect. After a few months, she said, ‘I think you’d be great at this!’ and I went from being her client to her apprentice and that was the beginning of the journey that’s led to the business and life I have today. She believed in me totally and guided me on how to work with people and [...]

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