Alex Shane  How you can generate profit from YouTube By Lea Steuri  British wrestler turned media pro. There is only one name that comes to mind: Alex Shane. By the age of 40, Alex has worked as a TV producer for Sky and as an arena tour promoter for TV channels and large American clients. He also worked as a radio show host and producer for Talksport, television host and commentator for ITV1. He has built a YouTube empire from scratch with videos regularly generating half a billion views. In short, Alex Shane is not only one of the most successful British wrestlers of all time, but also owner and shareholder of almost ten companies and an absolute YouTube genius.   You have been successfully working in media for a long time. What is your personal key to success? As someone who trained as a pro wrestler and never set out to own various media properties, my path to success in this field was slightly more unique than most. Yet, years later, I realise that the same rules applied as both, self employed British heavyweight wrestling champion and a media company owner. It’s also likely relevant to anyone who reads this, regardless of how abstract or conventional their own journey is. Simply put – be prepared to deliver far more than you are actually paid for and eventually you’ll be paid far more than you are actually required to deliver. When people use the excuse: “Well, what did they expect for sort of that money?” to justify substandard work, it tells me something right away. It tells me that they’re more interested in w [...]

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