HOW WOMEN LEAD! INSPIRATION FROM GLOBAL WOMAN CLUB SAN FRANCISCO As one decade closes and another opens, members of Global Woman Club San Francisco reflected on this question: What advice do you have for women who are aiming for leadership positions? Their wise answers offer something to each of us. Lucinda Jackson My advice for women who aim for leadership positions is to not work so hard. What I mean by that is don’t put all of your energy into doing the actual work of the job. Many women believe that by excelling at work, they will be recognized and promoted. That’s not necessarily true. Of course, we must deliver strong results, but I recommend placing 80% of time and effort towards the work and the other 20+% towards being visible and getting to know other people—and letting them get to know you. Lucinda Jackson In the 40 years of my career that led to executive positions, the most valuable time I spent was attending social functions—like playing in the golf tournament, going out for drinks after work with the team or accepting a lunch invitation. I used those events to talk about successes, ask for information and be visible. Others need to see us to keep us in their minds when the next promotion or career positions arise. They will remember a face and voice more than the star report we just completed. So say yes to events where you can shine. Don’t think of them as extracurricular activities that you don’t have time to attend. They are part of becoming a leader! Lucinda Jackson, scientist and corporate executive, spent eight years in academia and more th [...]

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