By Jacqui Ruddock When I talk about unleashing, I am referring to the electrical signal that are your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Collectively, they then create a pathway through which we see and experience the world. This sets an energy frequency which we can change at any moment. Unleashing our energy is about managing this signal, and using it in a way that allows us to step into being the leader who positively shapes our experiences, enabling life in the highest energetic levels. The seven steps to being an influential leader start with understanding what each step means, how it affects our energy and how we can apply these steps to serve ourselves and others on the highest levels. Rather than work against ourselves or slow down our ability to get what we want; because there is a kink in the energy flow that causes a temporary shut down or disruption between what is our reality and what is possible. The Seven Steps are: Self-Love Vision Trust Claim Consistency Power Connection   Self-Love Self-love is a key step in unleashing energy, since it is about knowing how to fuel your desires and dreams, so that you actually experience them. Love is the fuel. Self-love acts as a measure, helping you to be discerning about what is in your best interest. Key questions you could ask to check whether you are coming from a place of self-love are: “Is this action or decision coming from a place of love?”  “Does this experience mirror to me that I am loved?” If not, it is difficult for the love energy that you need to complete a project, maintain a relationship or [...]

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