How to manage motherhood and entrepreneurship By Lea Steuri   Being an entrepreneur and having kids at the same time is definitely not easy. Someone who has perfectly managed to wear both hats is Linda Attram. She is a mother, entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, martial artist and founder of Mothers in Business.  Over the last two decades, Linda has been running a highly successful property business including a multi-million-pound property portfolio. Motivated by her wish to let other mothers and aspiring female entrepreneurs share her wisdom, she founded Mothers in Business. Through Mothers in Business, Linda mentors and supports other businesswomen and organises networking events for mothers in business. Her inspiring story is also featured in the Amazon best-seller The Mind of the Female Entrepreneur. What motivated you to found Mothers in Business? At the end of December 2018, I contemplated my new year goals to kickstart 2019. Whilst, at the same time, reviewing my business achievements over the past 20 years, I began to review and reflect on the challenges that I had overcome. I had a ‘aha’ moment when I realised that a majority of the challenges I faced actually stem from juggling motherhood and business at the same time. In earlier years, I found it difficult to ask for help, because I did not want to be seen as ‘not good enough’ or as a ‘failure as a mum’. With my main core business in property investment and management being fully automated and run by my staff, I had spare time and capacity in my working week to take on a n [...]

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