Here is the best way to cope with corona Mirela Sula Well, one thing is true for sure: If you assume that you are living, then the only option is to grow. So under these circumstances, our job is to be creative and keep living. But in order to live we need to grow. Because there is no other option! So people, instead of getting stuck let’s start thinking how to grow out of our comfort zone. And you know what, you have to learn how to fall in love with it, the sooner the better. Start flirting with corona and win it over – by fighting we will not win, but by accepting it, and not being scared of it will allow us to learn and grow. I remember when I decided to get my business to the next level, I went to attend the Business Mastery with Tony Robins and the first thing that was told to learn there was “You have to love your numbers” – I hate numbers I said, I am a leader and passionate about the mission and the vision – numbers are not my thing”. Yet, it was made clear to me “You have to love your numbers, otherwise say goodbye to your business”. if I will be forced to stay isolated I will love my time with myself. This taught me a lot, everything we do in life, especially if it is a new thing, we need to learn how to love it – this is the only way to accept change and allow grow. So if I will be forced to stay isolated I will love my time with myself. If I have to cancel my events, my plans, my dreams – I will start ordering new ones and love it even more. And by the way, I love the new beginnings, fresh and [...]

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