Edona Lloncari How to deal with pregnancy during the Covid-19 crisis? By Lea Steuri Edona Lloncari is a successful business woman and mother. Currently, she is working for Forever Living. Forever Living is the world-leading brand for aloe vera products. The aloe products sold by Forever Living are among the purest on the market and are known to have numerous health benefits. Besides being a very passionate business woman, Edona is also a loving mother. At the moment, she is expecting her third child. With the covid-19 pandemic looming over everybody’s head, the stress of being pregnant and the pressure of leading a business, we asked Edona how she is able to manage it all. Can you tell us a little more about your mission? I want to contribute to a better world; to a healthier world. I want to see people happier, healthier and financially free. I very much believe that with everyone’s effort the world can be better, social relations can be improved. Before coming to this stage, each and everyone has to understand how important it is to love oneself first, to accept oneself without blaming or judging oneself – it’s only then we can give more to the world. I don’t believe there are good and bad people. I believe there are happy and unhappy people. If we understand that happiness is not something that comes from outside, we then understand that we can do lot more for the world. I want to spread this message so that I can reach as many people as possible in order to help them reach the financial freedom I have achieved. Not all are able to make profit until they u [...]

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