Irina Malisheva How to Build a Profitable Business Online by Selling Your Talent   By Fatima Gorezi Irina Malisheva is an entrepreneur based in Derby, UK. She is the founder of Me&Mummy, an online shop focused on clients who are parents, particularly mothers and kids. She is now an experienced sewing machinist who can specialise on different types of sewing machines, materials, fabric and style. She is a mother of one, and has faced many challenges and obstacles during her entrepreneurial journey, but she never has given up. She says that in life and business, every person can have ups and downs but is very important to have a right approach and mindset in order to be successful and always go further even if you fail. Her aim is to design and sew beautiful outfits for kids and make them happy. What can you tell us about your childhood and upbringing and how that has influenced you? Back in a day when I was a little girl, my hobby was to design and create handmade clothes that are unique, that no one could make. I began from sewing small buttons for my dolls clothes. Fortunately, my dad inspired me by showing me how to sew using a sewing machine. I realised how good I was at sewing quickly and precisely. Therefore I started to develop my skills and wanted to bring the hobby into work. My biggest achievement at that time was that I managed to sew a beautiful dress for my best friend’s graduation ceremony. I was so proud of myself. Who was an inspiration for you to open your own business? The desire to sew was always there. Since my childhood, I have been dreaming [...]

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