Maggie Sacket How to Benefit by Introducing Mindfulness into your Life By Lea Steuri She is now working with “fat footballers” and helping them improve their mental and physical health. Maggie Sacket is an expert in the art of mindfulness. She first started teaching Mindfulness five years ago. Ever since, she has been successfully working as a coach and has been running multiple mindfulness holiday retreats all over the world. Her sessions on Mindfulness have shown to help foster a healthy mental state and have also shown to be an asset in personal development.   In many societies, mental health issues are still not openly discussed. Why do you think that is the case and what can we do to change this? Mental Health has always been the poor cousin of physical health. It is not obvious and there is no obvious way to help. When people don’t understand something they become suspicious. Many people are either frightened of those with mental health issues or pretend they just don’t exist, which can lead to thinking that people with depression should just get over it. Therefore, money for research and treatment has been in short supply and people have been left to suffer in silence. We can all make a difference by being more open towards mental health issues and by helping anyone with mental health issues through listening and general supportiveness. We can also support charities, such as “Mind and the Samaritans”, by volunteering or contributing a monthly amount. I am teaching mindfulness to a group of amateur footballers and just by sharing their issu [...]

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